ACS Public Relations Inc. is the most cost effective way to make your voice heard. We specialize in promoting conservative causes on the airwaves across America. Our clients regularly appear on national programs where they have the opportunity to reach large audiences to promote their projects. Whether you have a new book, an exciting product, or simply want to make sure that your press releases garner maximum attention, ACS has the solution for you, and at a fraction of the cost of our competition. Here are some examples of what we do.


Book Promotion

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Is your book receiving the exposure that it deserves? You’ve done the hard work and created something that everyone should read, but the sales simply aren’t there. ACS will get you on the air to let the world know what they are missing. This will increase sales, and make your masterpiece the talk of the town. We can also help you conduct book signings, library events, and paid public speaking engagements throughout the country. There is no substitute for getting in front of large audiences who are interested in hearing your message. Contact ACS today and get started selling books and creating a large fan base.


National Media Exposure

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ACS has access to the biggest names on television, radio, and national print media sources. With so many shows available and so little time, why not spend your time reaching the largest audience possible. Our clients have appeared on Fox & Friends, The O’Reilly Factor, The Glenn Beck Show, Cavuto, Hannity, The Kelly Files, The Blaze TV, NewsMax, and many other nationally syndicated TV & radio programs throughout the country. You will also enjoy unique benefits like interview coaching. At ACS we believe that our clients will receive a higher level of results when they can make the most of each and every opportunity. Jump start your career today by making your voice heard where it matters most!


Speaking Engagements

Victoria Speech          kevin-jackson-tea-party          Deneen Speech

One of the most effective ways to promote your message and your product is to get in front of a live audience. ACS will help you secure premiere paid speaking engagements at major functions across the country. These engagements provide you with a speaking fee, as well as covering travel costs. This is also an excellent opportunity to set-up a book signing, or fundraising add-on. From CPAC to Tea Party events, we will help you make the most of every situation.


Sponsorship Packaging

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Perhaps the most important aspect of conducting a successful event is making sure you can cover the costs. ACS has helped numerous event organizers by bringing in major partners interested in participating. The key is to make it worthwhile for all parties. When the sponsors and the organizers are happy, that is the key to putting on a well attended event. ACS will also ensure that you receive maximum media and social media exposure as well. From massive rallies like the DC March for Jobs, to a small Tea Party gathering, sponsorship can make all the difference.


Social Media Networking

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Ever wonder how some people seem to reach an almost unimaginable number of people on social media networks? ACS will work with you to build just such an audience. Unlike the competition, we focus on building quality as well as quantity. Our clients have several thousands of followers, allowing them to reach others who share common interests. There is no doubt that social media is one of the most important platforms around when it comes to sharing information about a project. Contact ACS today and start building your network today!


Additional Services……Including:


  • Event Planning From Start to Finish
  • Press Releases Designed to Attract National Attention
  • Fundraising Services
  • Video/Audio Commercial Creation
  • Website Building to Ensure Success
  • Video Creation and Editing
  • And Much More